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DEC. 22, 2011

Local Senior Girl Scout creates national impact in identifying music teachers who provide specialized training for students with special needs through “The Gift of Music”  Teacher Referral Directory.

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music has been honored to have been selected as the mentoring agency for the Gold Award Project of Miss Nina Eng, a senior at Providence High School in San Antonio, TX.


The project began with the concept of simply providing a directory of local teachers for local families whose children or adult family members with disabilities desire to study music.   Rapidly, the project developed to include teachers throughout Texas, and two months ago was expanded to include a national data base of teachers with the assistance of the Music Teachers National Association.


As a result, over 400 teachers from 46 states and 1 province of Canada will be listed in the first edition of the directory which will be available online ( and at various agencies throughout the San Antonio area.


What began as a simple, local project will now impact thousands of families and open possibilities of a music education for children and adults who would never before known where to turn for such instruction. Through her research, many local and state music teachers’ associations will now be able to provide references for the families and support for their teachers.


Further,  “The  Gift of Music” has already inspired many classroom music teachers to expand their horizons by providing more opportunities for students with special needs.


Dreams Fulfilled Through Music was chartered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2005. Because the agency was developed from the Senior Girl Scout Gold Award Project of one of it’s founders, Kathryn Archuleta in 1999, it is especially meaningful that in 2011, “The Gift of Music,”  has not only widened the horizons of the agency, but also encouraged other girls in Scouting to pursue both Silver and Gold Award projects in the field of adaptive music education.


Miss Nina Eng, her mentor, Mary Kathryn Archuleta, Executive & Artistic Director of DFTM, and Kathryn Archuleta (co-founder) are all available for media/press interviews or speaking engagements for service organizations.

First Edition - April 2012
 Click on the state listed below to locate private teachers in your area who may be able to provide adaptive or special music education.   The following teachers are all member teachers of the Music Teachers National Association.   When contacting any of the teachers, please mention the Teacher Referral Directory on the DREAMS FULFILLED THROUGH MUSIC website. 

(1)    ALABAMA                                         (17)      KENTUCKY                                      (33)      OHIO                                                                                               
(2)    ALASKA                                              (18)      LOUISIANA                                     (34)      OKLAHOMA                                                    
(3)    ARIZONA                                           (19)      MARYLAND                                    (35)      OREGON                                                          
(4)    ARKANSAS                                       (20)      MASSACHUSETTS                       (36)      PENNSYLVANIA

(5)    CALIFORNIA                                    (21)      MICHIGAN                                      (37)      SOUTH CAROLINA

(6)    COLORADO                                      (22)      MINNESOTA                                  (38)      SOUTH DAKOTA

(7)    CONNECTICUT                               (23)       MISSISSIPPI                                   (39)      TENNESSEE

(8)    DELAWARE                                       (24)       MISSOURI                                       (40)       TEXAS
(9)    FLORIDA                                            (25)       NEBRASKA                                     (41)       UTAH

(10)  GEORGIA                                          (26)       NEVADA                                           (42)      VERMONT

(11)  HAWAII                                              (27)       NEW HAMPSHIRE                       (43)       VIRGINIA
(12)  IDAHO                                                (28)       NEW JERSEY                                   (44)       WASHINGTON

(13)  ILLINOIS                                            (29)       NEW MEXICO                                (45)       WEST VIRGINA

(14)  INDIANA                                           (30)       NEW YORK                                      (46)       WISCONSIN

(15)  IOWA                                                   (31)       NORTH CAROLINA                     (47)      CANADA

(16)  KANSAS                                             (32)       NORTH DAKOTA                           
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